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Transformation Tuesday: Don’t Call It a Comeback

September 3, 2013

I been here for years, rockin’ my peers and puttin’ suckas in fear!

I love writing.  I just don’t do it enough.  I need to get back into the discipline of writing on a more regular basis.  

So the blog is coming back.  New title.  New focus.  New discipline.  New energy.

I never really intended to go away.  I did need a break.  My life has been redefined, reshaped, and renovated in ways that kind of kept me away from the open journal I used to share with all of you.  

So what’s my plan?

I plan to have a theme for each weekday.  Each day may have more than one option, but having themes really helps me focus.  I thrive with structure, so the more structure I impose upon myself, the better. 

  • Monday will primarily be Music Monday or Movie Monday.  I hope to decimate the imaginary line between sacred and secular, finding God in unexpected places within popular culture.  
  • Tuesday will primarily be Transformation Tuesday or Transcendent Tuesday.  I’m looking to spend Tuesdays reflecting on stories of personal or congregational transformation, overcoming obstacles or difficulties, and setting and achieving goals.  
  • Wesley Wednesdays.  I’m a United Methodist.  Despite my affinity for Process and Open Theology as well as the Neo-Orthodox Theology of Reinhold Niebuhr, I’m first and foremost a Wesleyan theologian.  I hope to spend Wednesdays reflecting on how Wesleyan theology is in conversation with the here and now. 
  • Theology Thursday is a time to reflect specifically on theology, and learning to interpret the world around me within a primarily theological framework.  
  • And just in time for the weekend, we’ll have the Friday Free-for-all!  Nothing is off-limits on Friday.  Except being mean.  Being mean is always off-limits.  
  • Weekends are optional.  I may have a fun Saturday reflection, or I may log in Sunday afternoon to reflect on that morning’s worship service.  And I may simply spend time with my family, letting the blog go.  

Occasionally, I may spend an entire blog post extolling the virtues of my lovely wife Tiffany.  Magnificent Mama Monday, Terrific Tiffany Tuesday/Thursday, or Wonderful Wife Wednesday may crop up from time to time.  I may also brag on the kids.  

And I might just find my way back onto the radar.  

My original blog, A Man Called Preach, used to be pretty popular and controversial.  I kicked the hornet’s nest during my ordination process, and I got ordained on schedule anyway.  I’m not sure whether the board resented me or admired my guts, or maybe both, but I got here.  

And my life changed.  Divorce.  Remarriage.  Learning how to be a dad under different life circumstances. Learning to be a stepdad. Changing parishes twice in less than a year.  Becoming a better preacher.  

And the blog took a backseat.  

Hang with me while I find my groove again. 

Just don’t call it a comeback.  Call it an I’m Still Here! 


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  1. Lara permalink
    November 2, 2013 7:32 pm

    I found your blog when I lived in Chicago, IL. I’ve been a long time reader, but have never commented. My heart was broken for you when you posted in November 2010 and I have been praying for you and hoping the best for you since then. It fills me with great joy to find out you are “still here”!

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