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An iTunes Shuffle of Biblical Proportions

March 5, 2009

One of my buddies from seminary, Frank LeBlanc, tagged me with this cool little meme on Facebook.  I post my response here for your entertainment.

From David Ensign by way of Bruce Reyes-Chow: “I’ve done the shuffle game (put your Ipod on shuffle and use song titles to answer the questions) and it’s cute and amusing, but clearly created by teenagers with too much time on their hands. So, for preachers (and other theologically minded folks) with too much time on their hands I offer 15 different opportunities for silliness.”

1. In the beginning … God said: “Ophelia” by The Band
2. What Adam thought when he first saw Eve: “Lucky Lou” by Jody Williams (Chess Records blues guitarist)
3. God told Moses the divine name (I am that I am), but what was the divine nickname? “Divine Intervention” by Matthew Sweet
4. Scripture tells us that Moses said, “Here I am” when God spoke, but it fails to record what Moses said under his breath: “The Fields of Athenry” by Charlie Haden Family and Friends
5. What Job really thought about God: “Real Wild Child” by Brian Setzer
6. When Samson woke up and looked in the mirror, he said: “Within You, Without You” by the Beatles
7. God looked upon David, ruddy faced and handsome, and thought: “Moonlight” by Bob Dylan
8. David looked upon Bathsheba and thought: “Little Bitty Record” by Bill Kirchen (this is really funny and wildly inappropriate if you know how that line ends)
9. What I gave up for Lent: “Right In Time” by Lucinda Williams
10. What Jesus really said when Peter tried to walk on water: “Rejoice” by U2
11. From the forgotten Beatitudes: Blessed are those who : “Real Live Bleeding Fingers and Broken Guitar Strings” by Lucinda Williams
12. What Paul meant to say about women: “Danko / Manuel” by Drive-By Truckers
13. A proposed new ordination question or vow: “Precious and Grace” by ZZ Top
14. This really should be a hymn: “Snail Shell” by They Might Be Giants
15. First thing you’ll say upon meeting your maker: “In The Lord’s Arms” by Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals

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