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These are a few of my favorite things

March 3, 2009

In previous meme response, I had to use Flickr photos to answer specific questions about myself.  The pic in the middle was my response to “celebrity crush,” and I chose Kate Winslet.  Ms. Winslet was honored with the Golden Globe and Oscar this season, and I think she deserves it.  She’s my favorite current actress, and I admire the way she chooses roles that challenge her as an artist.  Her skill and talent make pretty much anything she’s in worth watching.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

I am a Beatles fanatic.  I collect Beatles CDs.  Every year or so I watch the Beatles Anthology DVDs in their entirety (not all at once, mind you, but I’ll spend a week or two watching some every day).  Their music has always spoken to me since I was ten years old and my grandma bought me The Red Album because I wanted “She Loves You.”

The Red Album

The Red Album

I love me some XM radio.  My XM radio was my constant companion when I lived in my little white pickup truck on the road between home and seminary.  Since Sirius and XM merged I have fallen in love with Little Steven’s Underground Garage.  Great station.  50 years old or 50 minutes old, if it’s cool we’ll play it!



The current “coolest song in the world” on Underground Garage is “Kate Winslet” by the Silver Brazilians.  It sounds just like the early Beatles, from the same session that produced their cover of “Dizzy Miss Lizzie.”  It’s a funny song about how Kate looks better with a little weight on her, a sentiment with which I agree.

Go to the Silver Brazilians’ MySpace page and check out the song (it’s currently the second one on their player).  Then go to Amazon and buy it for $0.89, and listen to those glorious two minutes of pop bliss over and over and over.

And that’s how my favorite radio station introduced me to my new favorites song, which pays musical tribute to my favorite band and lyrical tribute to my favorite actress!

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  1. October 1, 2012 9:57 am

    So cool you are Kate…..i love you

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