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The October Surprise

October 15, 2008

Every year around this time, it seems that the artists I like release albums I want.  In fact, I often get so much of it that some of it doesn’t really take and settle into my heavy rotation.  Sad, sad.  Anyway, here’s a list of stuff I’m really looking forward to getting.

  • Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson – Rattlin’ Bones.  Kasey’s heroine is Lucinda Williams, and her influence shows strongly a lot of the time, but Kasey genuinely has her own voice and does not sound like an imitator.  I’ve been crazy about her music since I first heard “Not Pretty Enough.”  Here she teams with her husband and together they draw the inevitable Gram and Emmylou comparisons.  
  • Bob Dylan – Tell Tale Signs.  I’m a Dylan freak, and his throwaways (the Bootleg Series, of which this release is part) often outstrip his own and everyone else’s best work.  The three-disc special edition runs over $100, so for once I only want the regular edition.
  • Lucinda Williams – Little Honey.  I love me some Lucinda, and so does Katy.  
  • Matthew Sweet – Sunshine Lies.  Dude understands power pop, period.
  • Brad Paisley – Play.  Brad’s instrumental prowess takes center stage for a serious twang-fest with then custom Telecasters.  
  • Sandra McCracken – Red Balloon.  Sandra and her husband Derek Webb make thoughtful Christian music that resonates far more deeply with me than the traditional piety replication machine.
Which is not to mention a list of stuff I haven’t gotten around to picking up, like “Solos, Sessions and Encores” by SRV.  
It’s just overwhelming.  
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