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October 13, 2008


Screenshot from OOo website

Screenshot from OOo website



This makes me happy.  I’ve been an evangelist for OOo for a long time now.  It got me through seminary without ever having to buy or illegally install Microsoft Office or Corel WordPerfect.  I wrote tons of papers with OOo Writer (created with a template I called “Eden Paper” that had a title page, automatic headers and page numbering, a pre-formatted bibliography page, and proper font size, page borders and line spacing.)  I created slide shows for classroom presentations using Impress (though I did proof them on the MSOffice-equipped computers in the library).  I even opened and recovered a classmate’s Word document that wouldn’t open in Word (!); OOo saved the day!

I also think there are good theological reasons for using OOo – it is created by a community, supported by a community, is licensed for free, updated for free, can be installed on any number of computers for free, can be distributed for free – detect a pattern here?  Using free software that’s this good rather than spending hundreds of dollars for comparable office suites (which admittedly offer nicer eye candy, but IMHO OOo Writer offers greater formatting flexibility and power) is good stewardship, thus allowing more congregational resources to be used for mission.  

It does my heart good to see that an unprecedented number of people worldwide are downloading today – so many that the site is overloaded.  I hope some of those downloads are churches, schools and non-profits.

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