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A Tuesday Musing: I think differently than most folks

October 7, 2008

I always thought it was because I was a Deuel.  Seriously.  Put two or three of us in a room together and it is like watching some alien culture.  We have our own sense of humor, our own vernacular, and we’re just a little odd.

I’m not kidding.  My dad, my brother and I cleared out a waiting room in a hospital once with our incessant laughter and goofiness.

But now there’s confirmation that I think differently than other folks because I’m a musician.  Check out this entry from the Mental Floss blog.

I have experienced that “in the zone” feeling.  Back when I was in a band there were a few times where I felt almost like I was observing myself play guitar.  It didn’t happen often, but it did happen.  My internal sense of volition was violated in some way and I was an audience to myself.  (somehow I think that last sentence made no sense at all).  I wasn’t thinking about the chord changes, the scales, where I was going next, or anything, really.  Music was just kind of flowing through me.

Cheesy as it may sound, I can gauge my spiritual life by my guitar playing.  The better my spiritual life, the more I play – and the more I play the better my spiritual life.  I suppose playing the guitar is a lot like praying in groans too deep for words or something like that.  It is a meditative kind of prayer.  The world, my sense of time and urgency, my worries and cares are gone, however temporarily, and I am aware deeply of the moment at hand and no other.  I am at peace with God and myself.


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