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Hey, kids! Do you like the Rock and Roll?

September 22, 2008

I read this meme over at Art’s Strange World and thought it looked like fun.  So here we go.

  1. Of all the bands/artists in your record collection, which one do you own the most albums by? That’s easy.  It’s the Beatles, hands down.  I have the official releases (minus the new boxes of the US Capitol versions) and more.

  2. What was the last song you listened to? Red House by Indigenous.  Their Live at Pachyderm Studio album is a revelation – Mato Nanji has the chops to emerge as a true guitar hero.

  3. What’s in your record/CD player right now? 10 Days Out: Blues from the Backroads by Kenny Wayne Shepherd.  It’s really great – Kenny takes a back seat to a bunch of legendary and lesser-known blues greats and allows them to shine.  At the same time, he does manage to get in some killer guitar licks.  A real step forward for KWS.

  4. What song would you say sums you up? I claim “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” by the Kinks. 

  5. What’s your favorite local band? That’s easy.  The late, great Hurd Brothers band, whom I’ve blogged about before.  I don’t catch as much live music as I used to.

  6. What was the last show you attended? I think it might have been Bob Dylan and the Brian Setzer Orchestra, far too long ago.

  7. What was the greatest show you’ve ever been to?  That’s hard to say.  Probably Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Full Moon Fever tour.  They were great.  Also in the running would be the St. Louis Blues Festival where I saw B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Eric Johnson, and the Alligator Records All-Stars (Junior Wells, Koko Taylor, Lonnie Brooks)

  8. What’s the worst band you’ve ever seen in concert? Whitesnake.  I could have just turned the CDs up real loud.  They weren’t awful, just a sterile reproduction of the recorded versions of the songs.

  9. What band do you love musically but hate the members of? I ain’t no hater, but I do wish Amy Winehouse would clean up her act.  Musically she’s brilliant – personally she’s a tragedy waiting to happen.

  10. What show are you looking forward to? I would really like to find a way to see the Experience Hendrix tour this fall.

  11. What is your favorite band shirt? My Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon shirt.

  12. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day? Sir Paul.

  13. What musician would you like to be in love with for a day? I can’t betray my lovely wife.  Maria McKee is my favorite female singer and I would love to write and record with her.

  14. Commodores or solo Lionel Ritchie? She’s a brick…… HOWWWWWSE.  That’s one song, and one more than I like by Lionel solo.

  15. Punk rock, hip hop or heavy metal? Punk.

  16. Name 4 flawless albums: Revolver, Dark Side, Stevie Ray Vaughan at Carnegie Hall, Will The Wolf Survive?

  17. Did you know that filling out this survey makes you a music geek? I’m not a music geek, I’m a music snob.

  18. What was the greatest decade for music? The sixties were the best.  I love the chord progressions that groups like the Beatles, the Kinks, the Zombies, the Beach Boys, and others came up with.  Set Me Free by the Kinks is a great example.

  19. How many music-related videos/DVDs do you own? Too many.

  20. What is your favorite movie soundtrack? American Graffiti comes to mind. 

  21. What was your last musical ‘phase’ before you wised up? I tried to be one of those snobby blues purists for a while.  It didn’t take.

  22. What’s the crappiest CD/record/etc. you’ve ever bought? I try real hard not to buy crappy music, but I did buy some Michael Bolton for my wife back in the day.  As for me, I love Warren Haynes-era Allman Brothers, and Gov’t Mule are great, but Haynes’ Tales of Ordinary Madness never really grabbed me like I thought it would.

  23. Do you prefer vinyl or CDs? CDs.  I’ve never been able to take care of vinyl.

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  1. September 22, 2008 10:56 am

    Good answers, Will.

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