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A Pastor Goes on Vacation and…

July 31, 2008

worries himself sick?  Is that the way it’s gonna be?

So here I am, ten minutes before midnight on the day before we leave for a brief vacation to visit friends.  A Sunday off.  I should be celebrating.

But I ain’t.  The pianist, our lone musician in one congregation, is away at the School of Christian Mission this week, and I fully support her in that.  Our backup pianist has not returned my phone calls.  I know he’s a busy guy and it ain’t his fault, but I still worry.  They’ll either sing a cappella or along with a P&W CD, or a combination. Church two’s keyboardist is away at an out-of-state baseball tournament with her son & family.  They’re doing great, BTW.  So that leaves a guitarist and a harmonica player who are mostly used to giving musical support rather than leadership.  They’ll do fine.

They’ll do fine.

They’ll do fine.

If I say it enough times maybe I’ll start believing it.  I know in my head that all will be well.  Our lay speaker is great.  The music will take care of itself.  It’s not like they haven’t done this before.

It’s just that I’m a worry wart.

I’ll be glad when I get back from vacation so I can stop worrying and relax.  How sick is that?

I’ll do just fine.  They’ll do just fine.  I’ll do what I can, they’ll do what they can and God will take care of the rest.

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  1. August 1, 2008 7:42 am

    I could have written an almost identical post. I am also on vacation, and have no one playing at our early service. They’ll have to do a capella. I tried really hard to find someone, anyone, to fill in. To know avail. It won’t be the end of the world, but like you, I’m worrying, worrying, worrying…

  2. tnrambler permalink
    August 1, 2008 8:45 pm

    Go on vacation and r e l a x. It will be OK. OK?

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