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Music Monday – One of the Willies (and one of the Roberts)

June 23, 2008

Fellow Methoblogger Gavin has a great first name.  I like traditional but uncommon names.  So being one of the few white guys named Willie is awesome (though I’ve gotten into being called Will the last couple of years since that’s what my wife calls me most of the time).

But my real first name according to all legal documents is Robert.  I was always Willie, but the Robert came first on the ol’ birth certificate because dad didn’t want kids to call me “Billy Bob” at school.

In response to Gavin who posted music by another Gavin, I’ll post a Willie and a Robert.  So, what musician comes to mind when you think “Willie?”  Yeah, there’s only one. (at least without the word “Blind” in front)

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  1. Layman Erik permalink
    June 23, 2008 3:09 pm

    Good stuff.

    Someone else had a different youtube clip of that performance up, I can’t find it now, but thanks for the reminder.

    Even though Bob really cannot be topped, in truth I have been listening to Willie more these days.

    Willie has been doing that picnic for a long time, some guy keeps putting up some phenomenal clips from the 1974 picnic. I think they got taken down a few times, but these have been up a while this time.

    When you have an hour to kill I recommend checking it out.

    Here is a classic Willie, just he and Trigger, doing “A Song for You” While Leon Russell watches on…

    And here is the full band – (Man Willie sure don’t change his band much, those guys, and sister Bobbie, are still with him…) Along with a very inebriated Leon Russell. The whole 9 minutes and 24 seconds is worth a watch. Starting about the 7:45 mark you can see Willie playing his Classic guitar in a way that the Martin folks surely never intended…

    But that is just two of the fine clips from that 1974 picnic. As I say, it is pretty much an hour wasted once I start watching them.

  2. June 23, 2008 9:13 pm

    it aint your goat on a stick, but its good &:~)

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