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Youth Culture Findings

May 2, 2008


Understanding youth culture in a postmodern age keeps growing increasingly difficult.  Generations change faster than ever, and our frames of reference grow obsolete at a breakneck pace.

We here at A Man Called Preach won’t let you down.  We’ll keep you on top of the trends.  Check this piece from Dan Kennedy at McSweeney’s.



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Someone born in 1980 has never seen MTV as a music channel or as a destination for music knowledge or information, and has never watched a movie in a movie theater. Or seen a stove.

The average teenager today is engaged in sexual activity with at least two different partners for about 72 hours per week. And you can double that figure—for both cumulative time and number of partners—when LSD rave parties come into the picture.

A baby born this year will be controlled by tiny radios by the time it’s 11.

Teenagers rarely use telephones to communicate with their friends anymore; if they want to talk to someone, they’ll just meet people in witch cults in the mountains outside Olympia, Washington. Cell-phone service providers generally frustrate them, so they resort to making drugs or breaking into homes that appear to be vacant.

Teenage girls most identify with—and aspire to be similar to—singer-songwriter Sting, and enjoy using marking pens to write the phrase “Pee or fart on me” on unconscious peers.

(Follow the link at the top of the page for more.)

Also be sure to check out the rough drafts of the Parables of Jesus, HERE.

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  1. rev mommy permalink
    May 3, 2008 9:36 am

    Better than LDS rave parties.

    They have to wear short-sleeved white button downs with ties and black pants and have to bang their own heads on their Books of Mormon. Really.

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