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Friday Five – Bad Songs

May 2, 2008

The Jayhawks’ cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s “Bad Time.”  I like the Jayhawks’ version better than the original, but then again I like the Jayhawks better than Grand Funk – so no surprise there!

Johnny Winter – Bad Girl Blues.  Man I love the sound of that National Steel Guitar.  And I love blues songs that are basically dirty jokes.

Tom Petty – Yer So Bad.  I haven’t posted enough Petty, who is one of my all time faves, in my Friday Fives.  This video features the late Charlie Rocket, formerly of Saturday Night Live.

Johnny Cash – Bad News.  This song is a little weird.  I can’t tell if that laugh is sinister or high or both.  Love the Dobro, though.

Clapton – Bad Love.  Love the Robin Trower-esque wah guitar in the intro.  But Clapton is always awesome.

(Edited because Bad Love and Yer So Bad could not be embedded.  They are now linked.)

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