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Christmas Meme

December 5, 2007

Art tagged anyone who reads his blog to respond to this Christmas 3×3 meme. Three questions with three responses each.

1. What are your three favorite Christmas songs and who sings them? That’s a toughie, so I’ll just list three that are on my hit list right now.

Chris Isaak: Brightest Star.

Brian Setzer: Zat You, Santa Claus?

Emmylou Harris: Light of the Stable (sorry, I couldn’t find a good link). My mom used to play that album over and over when I was a kid, and it just ain’t Christmas without it. It really holds up as a great album (not just a Christmas album) after all these years. Emmylou is the gold standard – she has made consistently great music for years and years, and deserves recognition as one of the most influential figures in music history.

2. What are your three favorite Christmas foods?

Egg Nog (technically it’s a drink but it’s thick enough to be considered food, plus milk and egg mean protein!)

Springerle cookies (vaguely anise-flavored cookies. No one ever makes them because I’m the only one who likes them in the family).

Pie. (for Christmas you gotta have pumpkin, pecan and chess pie. But there really are only two kinds of pie I like: hot and cold.)

What are your three Christmas secrets?

I get more excited about Christmas than my kids do. I’m like a hyperactive kid geeked out on Red Bull and Skittles on Christmas eve.

I look forward to Christmas Eve communion all year. The celebration of Christ’s coming into the world coupled with the sacramental communication of grace is just awesome.

I have the hardest time not spoiling the surprises for my kids. I’m just dying to tell them what we’ve got them.

I’m going to tag Scott, John and Andy. And of course, anyone else who wants to play.

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  1. December 6, 2007 2:20 am

    I think that we have certainly answered the question, “Is eggnog food?”


    Still wanting to try some eggnog pie though…

    And those Springerle cookies sound good too!

  2. Marcia permalink
    December 10, 2007 7:11 pm

    Just wanted to say I came about your website by accident..well actually via twitter. I put in Methodist and your profile came up. Your tweets and website intrigued me – a Methodist minister who is a techie to boot. I found your blogs interesting and thought provoking so I am following your website and twitter. Thought I should introduce myself ….
    I am also Methodist, wife, mother of 3 grown sons, school board member and secretary.


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