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Greetons Seasonings

November 17, 2007

Ahh, yes.  We head toward the gluttonous (deadly sin #2) festival celebrating birdmeat and pigskin.  The day when your most difficult choice is between pumpkin and pecan pie.  The day when you debate whether it would hurt Aunt Tillie’s feelings if you don’t take a scoop of that Jell-O salad with marshmallows, pecans, cranberries and Cheez-Whiz (I think).  That day when all the ladies in the family discuss getting up at 4 AM to hit the Black Friday sales.

As we settle comfortably into our stereotyped gender roles – the men head toward the football game while the women clean up the mess and we all holler at the children to get out of the way, let us take a moment to give thanks.

What are you thankful for?

I am thankful that we can now officially end sentences with prepositions according to the Oxford English Dictionary.  Prepositions are fun to end sentences with.  See?

I am thankful that I have never been profiled in Men’s Journal magazine.

I am thankful that my insane grousing has been published nationally.

I am thankful that my kids brought home common colds and strep throat from school, and not the Bird Flu or SARS or MRSA.

I am thankful that John Wesley chose a career in theology and ministry rather than improvisational comedy.

I am thankful that in first grade the photographer refused to take my school picture with my eyes crossed and my tongue stuck out.  No, wait.  Not thankful.  Resentful.  Scratch that one.

I am thankful that my mother in law is now cancer-free.

I am thankful that curling is an Olympic sport.  Why can’t they show THAT on Thanksgiving?

I am thankful for my beautiful wife and my three goofy children.

I am thankful that God is good.


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