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Weird Jesus of the Month

October 3, 2007

I saw this portrait of Jesus while shopping at Big Lots. Just what is the eerie green glow behind Jesus’ head? And exactly what is that emanating from his chest? Red and green light, like some sort of divine traffic signal? I hope it’s not blood.

All in all, I find this depiction of Jesus kind of creepy.

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  1. jmeunier permalink
    October 3, 2007 9:28 pm

    The green, white, and red made me think of the Mexican flag.

    Not that that is a helpful observation.

  2. arachnerd permalink
    October 4, 2007 7:45 am

    It’s like a “quickening” from the Highlander!

    (** nerd alert! ** nerd alert! **)

  3. arachnerd permalink
    October 4, 2007 7:46 am

  4. October 4, 2007 7:46 am

    Well, I’m sure an observant Roman Catholic could enlighten us. I might ask one.

    But mainly, I just wanted to say “Wow, the things you find at Big Lots. I found yarn for $1 a skein, you find this.”

  5. October 4, 2007 8:00 am

    I think he’s doing the Care Bear Stare.

  6. Nicole permalink
    October 4, 2007 12:44 pm

    I hope you bought it to proudly display in either your home or your office…or perhaps 2 portraits for both places? Sounds like a plan.

  7. February 8, 2008 5:15 pm

    Scarily, I think there may be a Jesus Knee lurking beneath the Multi-coloured Hula Soul. Green for Go?

  8. Manuel Garcia permalink
    November 17, 2008 1:56 pm

    This sacred image…it’s called Jesus of Mercy…This is how our Lord Jesus appeared to Sor Faustina, a Saint…The red and white light emanating from His Sacred wounded Heart are His precious blood and Water of eternal life…that He shed for you and the World on the Cross at 3 o’clock when He died on that cross…He sends this message for you, so that we all can enter through the door of His Mercy now, before He comes as “God the Judge”. He offers this freely to “anyone” that comes to Him.
    I suggest that you don’t make a traffic light joke out of it, for your own sake. Don’t talk like that about something Holy and so Beautiful. Don’t lauf at His good offer to you.
    My last word of advice…Don’t make fun of your Lord Jesus Christ…
    “Father! Forgive them…! Because they don’t know what they are doing…!

  9. November 17, 2008 3:02 pm

    In all seriousness, thank you Manuel. I am always interested in understanding the symbolism behind pieces of art. Can you enlighten us as to what the green represents, or do you know?

  10. March 23, 2009 1:55 am

    laughs at the pic and disappears in the direction of Hell waving my Access All Areas Pass

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