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Random Thoughts for a Friday Afternoon

July 13, 2007
  1. Why can’t I post on 7Villages with Firefox?  Does anyone else have to use IE?
  2. I could wear Crocs every day.  Wait, I already do.
  3. Some weeks I could blog every day.  Some weeks I got nothing to say. Hey, that rhymes!
  4. Why is the United Methodist ordination process so cumbersome compared to other denominations?  It’s not like it guarantees great pastors.  And second career pastors like myself can only hope to be ordained prior to retirement.  Okay, there’s a fair amount of hyperbole there, but I’m just saying…..
  5. I would be lost without XM radio in the car.
  6. I wonder what would happen to me if I ignored a subpoena like Harriet Miers did.
  7. Why is every web page now a tangled mess of Java and Flash, making everything slow to a crawl? Thank heavens for Adblock!
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