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A Rat Killin’

July 10, 2007

Today was the big day.  My amazing wife and I headed into my office and began cleaning it out.  Not too long ago a parishioner described a cleaning process she called “a rat killing,” in which she takes everything out of the room, puts back only what belongs there, and throws the rest away.  The origin of the term comes from following that process in a barn, and rats’ nests get exposed, and you can guess the rest.

It was a mess.  The office was a mess when I moved in there – the desk had stuff in it from three pastors ago (and the pastor two appointments ago was here for a decade).  And I’m a bit of a slob – pack rat, so I didn’t make the situation any better over the past year.  So I turned my head away while Katy cleaned out the desk.  I was afraid to look at what she might be throwing away – though I know in my heart of hearts she was right to do it.

I saw Charge Conference materials from the seventies.  I saw a filing cabinet full of stuff that I did not touch.  I removed books from shelves.  I took down two really old Jesus portraits that made the office look even more dated than it already is.  I vacuumed the carpet that looks as though it was installed by Mike Brady himself.  Katy and I resolved that some things stored in the church need to go onto ebay.  Books are now alphabetized.  Stuff can now be found.

The office looks a lot better now.  Feels good.

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