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June 29, 2007

My wife Katy is extremely intelligent and she has my undying admiration.  She has, however, a keen knack for misspeaking and mixing metaphors.  Two of my favorite Katy-isms have made it into our family humor lexicon.

  1. That’s the cat calling the kettle black.
  2. I think your eyes are bigger than your forehead.

Okay, I can kind of see the first one – black cats are a common image.  But eyes bigger than your forehead?  We all laughed as soon as she said that one.  Obviously she meant “your eyes are bigger than your stomach,” as we were at a buffet and our son had totally loaded a plate with more food than he could possibly eat.

Every family has its own sense of humor, and our repeated usage of these “metaphors” reflects ours.

Our son Anthony (whose eyes are bigger than his forehead) really enjoys single sentences with their own internal humor.

  1. Sarcasm is ALWAYS a great idea!
  2. Prepositions are a bad thing to end a sentence with.

How’s your family’s humor work?

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