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I’m Getting Published!

June 20, 2007

I just found out that a slightly modified (by me) version of my earlier post, The Hardest Part, will be published in the UMReporter.

Cody Ring

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  1. Amanda permalink
    February 27, 2010 4:24 pm

    I first read about this young mans story on the website on that told of his jouney with his illness & what his Family,Friends & Cody himself went through. I have visited this site often & the story that you tell differs some from the one on Cody’s site. I have to say that when I clicked on the link about you getting published & when it pulled up the site of Funerals & Casket Covers I was well to say the least Angry. When you said you were getting published I expected to open up a page with similar words of Cody that I read not at all what I did open up. As a parent I will also have to say that if my childs story was published where Cody’s has been I would not like it at all. Yes you did write a beautiful story but it lacks things like the Guitar that you are pictured with, who’s it actualy was & how you came to have such a glorious Guitar. I myself know how it came to be your’s since I myself knew Cody & his Family & have been honored to have them as a part of my life. I know you were very close to Cody & his Family when Cody was ill & you were asked to Preach at Cody’s Funeral also the Pastor of the Penticost Church in Grand Tower, Peggy Camp was asked to speek. Yes Cody was Babtized Methodist but his belief was in God so although he was Babtised Methodist he was just a young man who believed in God no matter what it was. Also you just tell the story of what happened then, that is why I check back & finaly had to coment, what about the NOW. Have you kept up with Cody’s Family or is this all of the story there is to tell? Also I do need to say I understand Kate your wife was Cody’s Doctor & I know that she has continued to be his Parents Doctor but it was actualy a Doctor at the ER in Murphysboro that did the tests and Dr. Delany who discovered Cody’s illness when they sent him to St. Louis for testing. I have just one last thing to say & that is when you were given Cody’s Guitar that was the most Honor that Cody’s Family could have done for you, but with no disrespect to you as a Minister a Man Speeking God’s Words, I ask if you use it to benifit from it and not Honor it as Cody’s Honoring you, I ask do you deserve it. Cody’s story is not one to be told to benifit from but a story that should be told to let people know just how he believed in God & trusted in him that he was not afraid at his young age of 14 where his journey would take him if it took his life as it did he knew that God was with him alway’s & that is the biggest part of the story & his Family also Honored you to share that journey with him & you get published on a page that I myself know Cody would not want to be on when the link only takes you to Death when what he thought of was LIFE not what you would be burried in. Yes it makes me angry that you have put him there, i’m sorry to say but I just have to be honest about it. Well your probably wondering if this person is ever going to stop telling you how I think what you have done is wrong & yes I am right now. But I have read it I have thought about it & I have in fact prayed about it & in the end I had to say how I thought.

  2. February 27, 2010 5:02 pm

    I appreciate your taking time and effort to comment on the blog.

    My blog is about my experiences in ministry, my path toward ordination in the UM Church, and my passions about music, movies and culture and how they intersect with the life of faith. My purpose for telling the story was to document how I went from being student to pastor in a very short time, and the way I told the story was in service of that part of my own journey.

    Anyway, you ask three witnesses to any event to tell the story and you’ll get three very different versions. I can only speak with credibility to how it went from my view. I have no doubt that all of us can and do remember certain things differently. My story may be different from what you’ve heard, but it is honestly how I remember it.

    I have indeed kept up with the Ring family and I love them dearly. Yes, Peggy Camp (whom I admire, respect and adore) did also speak at the funeral but she and I did not work together in the planning. When I say I did the funeral “on my own,” I simply mean that I was not an assistant in someone else’s parish or under the direct supervision of a senior pastor. It was not my intent to leave Peggy out of the story. My only intent was to write a story, not a novel.

    That guitar is still referred to as “Cody’s guitar,” and it is used every Sunday morning in the worship service to honor God.

    Nobody is “Baptized Methodist.” They are Baptized Christian – often accompanied by United Methodist membership vows. In the story of Cody’s baptism I went from relying on Methodist resources (the Baptism liturgy in the hymnal) to relying on the Holy Spirit in the moment.

    Yes, Kate was his Physician Assistant. It was she who encouraged them to keep testing until they could find out what was wrong. She neither performed those tests nor took credit for them – she simply kept telling them she thought something more was wrong. If my “Reader’s Digest Condensed Version” implies otherwise I apologize.

    Finally, I would never use Cody’s story to sell caskets or covers or candy or myself or anything else. I realize that a commenter on the blog is a funeral professional, and his site sells those things, but that is not me.

    How God changed Cody’s life is a great story. How Cody changed the lives of people in the Grand Tower/Wolf Lake area is another. The story I told is how knowing Cody changed my relationship with God and my understanding of the vocation and call of pastoral ministry.

  3. Amanda, Cody, Tyler, Adam, Daniel, Kalen, Nathan permalink
    March 7, 2010 8:03 pm

    Yes it’s Amanda again, this time I do not stand alone as you see on the comment that I had made. It has taken a little time to get in touch with as you see in the email address codys circle of friends, so as I sit here replying to you comment to the way that I felt, the friends mentioned by name and so many others sit here with me. Some are the original circle of friends some are new ones that have chosen to carry codys circle of friends on, as the originals named therselves when we lost our friend and our classmate. There is not one of them that has read your story and my comment to the story that has not agreed with me as we have looked on your stories that you have told that not one but Cody’s has been revised and as his friends and classmates we feel that if you had to take a story of honor to Cody to get it published is totaly wrong of you. Our feelings are that it was changed and rearanged so that you as you say tell it the way you remember it just to get it published. You also said that if you ask three people they would remember what happened differently as you do, well as you see there are seven names and more sitting beside me and there is not a one of us that remember it any differently than the way it was. I was just the first of Cody’s friends that came across your publication and commented as I googled trying to find Cody’s own website as I said. One part of your story that is the way it was it did bring two communities together, another is that Kate was Cody’s doctor, yes she had treated him prior to his illness began for his allergies and sinus problems that he was haveing before his parents realized on their own with no mention other than the ER doctor that there was something wrong. As I said in my last comment we do keep up with Cody’s parents if we can’t get by to see them we text them and yes your name has been mentioned, you say that you keep up with the Ring Family, Cody’s parents but when we ask about the Minister that had played Cody’s Guitar so beautifuly as we said our goodbyes to our friend and classmate if they see you or talk to you, does he visit and we do not get the response of you keeping in touch with them. We understand that they still see Kate as she has continued to be their doctor but not you, so yes we as Cody’s friends remember a story he told us of a Chaplan at the Hospital in St. Louis that he was very close to had the same things in common as you talk about, religion, music, but he also told us that he came not to trust this Chaplin that his Faith and Beliefs had as he described it to us, more of a Job than a calling of God to teach his words, so we all of us codys circle of friends have been asking this man we once listened talk of our friend as a Minister of God who is this Man Called Preach, if we could talk to our friend yes he might tell us not to be so harsh, but he might also feel that you as the Chaplin may have lost your way as a Minister a Teacher of God as a Job. So with all respect to the story told in your way you did try to honor him but to rearange it to get published took the Honor right out of a Beautiful Story of our friends Life, Courage, Strength,Faith and yes his Death. We miss you Cody, your circle of friends, you are forever in our hearts.

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