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Wow. Just wow.

April 25, 2007

I thought Seminary was supposed to teach pastors to think before opening their mouths in the sanctuary.

Click here.

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  1. Art permalink
    April 27, 2007 2:31 am

    Apparently not.

    Not only was it downright silly advice from Patterson, the remarks were ill-considered and insensitive if you ask me.

    Some things just leave me shaking my head in disbelief…

  2. Roadtripray permalink
    April 27, 2007 9:20 am

    Speaking of opening one’s big mouth … here I go.

    First, I don’t think that was appropriate in a chapel service, so I’m not backing up what this fellow said all the way. I’m old fashioned, too, and I think chapel service is for worship, not for self-defense class.

    However, he has a valid point.

    Look what the security director from Texas A & M said : “The best advice you could probably give to somebody in those type of situations is to look for a way to escape and get help immediately.” Well, they tried that and it obviously did not work.

    I’m not pointing fingers at anyone. The students were in a frightening situation. Nobody knows what they will do when confronted with a situation like this.

    But that security expert would not have recommended that the engineering professor who gave his life do what he did. But thank God there were some heroes who showed enough love to lay down there lives to save others. I think Jesus likes that type of selflessness. I pray I would have the courage to do the same in the same situation.

    We also must keep in mind that the newspaper article you linked to quoted 35 words from the preacher. I don’t know where you’re from. I find it ironic that all the people condemning this man for judging others is basing their judgment of his actions on 35 words.

  3. Roadtripray permalink
    April 27, 2007 9:23 am

    Oops, I made a mistake. My sentence was cut short in my reply. I was going to say:

    I don’t know where you’re from, but around here 35 words isn’t even a introduction to a sermon from a Baptist preacher!

  4. Will Deuel permalink
    May 3, 2007 1:02 pm

    Dude’s a professor. He has a bully pulpit for opinions like that in the classroom. Cheap political posturing in chapel is unnecessary and inappropriate. He set a poor example for his students, in my opinion.

  5. John permalink
    June 1, 2007 9:10 am

    Seminary doesn’t teach us that. That’s pretty much real life experience. I like the Twain quote: “It is better to remain silent and have people suspect that you are a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

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