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Firefox 2.0 Released

October 25, 2006

I am a fan of Open Source software. I use (OOo) as my default office suite, and I encourage anyone who can’t afford (or worse, is using an illegal installation of) Microsoft Office to download OOo and give it a try. It is free, upgrades are free, and there is a forum for users that is far more helpful than tech support.

I also love Firefox, the free open-source browser from Mozilla. It’s great, fast, and intuitive. It can be customized with extensions and themes which enhance its look and usability. The biggie, though, is tabbed browsing, which allows multiple pages in one window, accessible by clicking file tabs rather than having multiple open windows. Firefox 2.0 was released to the public today (though I’ve been using the beta for weeks now). In the spirit of friendly competition, the Internet Explorer team sent the Firefox crew a cake to congratulate them!

How nice.

Firefox is a great browser. Less susceptible to spyware, more fun to use.

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