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Christian Expression

March 23, 2006

Today I received a lovely visit from a technician for my satellite dish provider. Long story. The guy was friendly and professional. As he finished his work and had me sign the paperwork he observed, “Musical family, huh?”

As you walk in the front door, there is an old piano. None of us really play piano, but my son and I fiddle with it. On top of the piano there are a couple of small djembes and an African talking drum. In the family room where the computer is located, you’ll see two electric guitars, two amplifiers, a bass and a bookshelf full of CDs. There’s a framed pic of the Beatles on the wall. Many days I can be seen wearing a Beatles, Pink Floyd or Jimi Hendrix T-shirt or one of my many guitar-themed shirts.

You don’t have to hang around long to observe that I’m a musician.

Same with other hobbies. It doesn’t take powerful observational skills when you enter someone’s house to recognize avid anglers, hunters, sports fans, movie buffs or car enthusiasts. Many product brands have become “lifestyle” brands – if you go to the shop where I get my hair cut you will see a lot of Coca-Cola memorabilia; some current, some antique. Harley-Davidson, Fender Musical Instruments, Budweiser, you name it – branded memorabilia is everywhere.

I suppose the connection is this: when you see what I like, you know something about me. And it can be a point of communication. When I’ve worn a Fender Telecaster shirt – because I do play and love Fender Telecasters – other guitarists tend to strike up conversation with me. It’s an instant point of contact, a way that people who do not know one another find to connect with one another.

So I pose this question: how is it that we express the Christian side of ourselves? Do we readily offer up visual/sensory points of connection that allow others to see our commitment to Christ as easily as they might see our loyalty to AC/DC or Corona? Is it a Bible on the dashboard, a Christian-themed T-Shirt, a cross-and-flame Polo, a cross necklace? Is it time that we found new and exciting ways of expressing our Christianity in the culture? How do we do it invitationally rather than confrontationally?

What new and creative ways have you found to express your Christianity?

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