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Uke can change the world! – UKULELE BLOGGING

January 5, 2006

Ho, ho, ho. Don Ho? Hardly!

Looky what Santy Claus left for me!

The Flea by the Magic Fluke Company (Distributed by Flea Market Music) may just be the coolest ukulele I’ve ever played. Okay, I haven’t played that many – but I did have a chance to check out some old Martin and Favilla baritone ukes (extremely nice) and a new National resophonic uke (awesome) and I couldn’t be happier with this baby. It features artwork by Tiki King, and I think it kind of represents a new rock and roll era for the Uke.

Pictured at left is my youngest niece. She’s a sweetheart.

Don’t ask me to play “Aloha Oe” or “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” on this baby. No, “Here Comes the Sun” sounds a whole lot better to me. I’m currently slogging my way through a Lyle Ritz arrangement of “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.” I’m no jazz player, but that style sure is fun on the uke!

Blessings for a happy new year.

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