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Oh, Happy Day!

November 14, 2005

Man, oh man am I one happy camper or WHAT?

Charge Conference is over. Mighty loud is my w00t!

This is the first Charge Conference that I’ve really done on my own. I received considerable help and guidance (as well as heaps of grace) from the District Superintendent last year. The churces’ records were a mess as a result of being part of a new charge and I was at a loss. This year things were more well organized and I was able to get my act together forthe DS and now I am completely relieved.

I always get nervous in the presence of an authority. I suppose it is from the considerable amount of time I spent in the principal’s office in elementary school. I’m not kidding. Combine that experience with my tendencies toward depression (including catastrophizing and excessive worry) as well as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (and its concomitant experiences of forgetting essential things, losing things, and the general feeling of “the sky is falling”) and you can easily see how something like Charge Conference can cause me to lose sleep for, say, a week.
But it was a big success. I feel relieved, although a bit disappointed in myself for my tendency to come unglued. I really would do better to get a handle on that.

Anyway, I just had to post that.

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