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November 10, 2005

Oh, heavens, I have got to get me one of these. I’m not kidding. This is just awesome. I love Hawaiian shirts, I love Hawaiian prints, and I love the Uke. This one is called a Tiki Flea. The Flea is a soprano-sized ukulele (very small with a delightful, high sound) made by Flea Market Music. They play and sound great. The artwork is done by an artist called the Tiki King. The uke is cool, the flea is cool, and the cartoony Tiki artwork is cool. Daddy likey!

For anyone who is getting tired of my obsession with both the Ukulele and George Harrison, here’s a little Stevie Ray for you. Stevie has been one of my primary guitar heroes since about 1985. My son, pictured below, also loves SRV’s music so I look forward to times when he chooses to ride in the car with me because the music will be good! I have more SRV stories that I will save for another day. Just enjoy the pic and pick up some SRV CDs if you don’t have any.

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