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October 15, 2005

George Harrison Posted by Picasa

Okay, it isn’t a guitar. It’s a ukulele. And it’s my new musical passion. I actually started playing stringed instruments by playing a baritone ukulele that my mom had to have for a music class. From there I moved to guitar. Now I’m playing a little cheap soprano ukulele made by Hilo that I picked up at Music Folk in St. Louis. I am absolutely hooked.

Blame George Harrison. The uke was his favorite instrument. There are great scenes in the Beatles Anthology DVDs with George and Paul jamming on ukes. Tom Petty tells a story that George once showed up at his house with five ukes as a gift. Petty asked something like, “What am I going to do with five ukuleles?” George responded by saying, “You never know, we might all be over one night and decide we want to play them.”

It’s just a lovely little sound, and it’s absolutely portable. I bought it primarily to have something to play at home and at school without lugging a whole guitar around. I have so much fun playing old songs like “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “By The Light Of The Silvery Moon” as well as tunes like “Something” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” It’s just a lot of fun to play, period.

Will this thing get played at church? Count on it.

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