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Wednesday Guitar Blogging

September 6, 2005

Gibson ES-330 Posted by Picasa

Last week I showed you my favorite electric guitars. This week I show you my greatest regret. My dad bought me one of these when I was about 14 years old. It looked almost identical to the one pictured above – same color, same pickups, same Bigsby whammy bar, same knobs, everything. Mine had dots rather than blocks on the fretboard. That’s pretty much the only difference.

I miss that guitar. It had a true hollow body (not semi-hollow with a solid block like a 335), P-90 single-coil pickups, and built-in Beatles tone. (Only in recent years did I discover that the Gibson ES-330 and the Epiphone Casino were exactly the same guitar, and that the Casino was John Lennon’s favorite from 1965 to 1980. No wonder Beatles tone was right there!)

But I wanted a Les Paul. Or maybe a Fender Strat. Something somebody famous played. (I guess John Lennon wasn’t famous enough?)

So I ended up with a Gibson Victory (pictured below). It was an awful monstrosity of a guitar with three tapped humbuckers and a modified Strat body shape (smaller and pointier, thoroughly early ’80s-looking). Ironically, I only ever saw one famous person play one of these – Ray Davies of the Kinks in the “Do It Again” video. I just have a thing for those British Invasion bands.

I traded the Victory for (surprise) a Les Paul, and the Les Paul for a Telecaster, and that Telecaster for the S-500 I showed you last week.

Man, I wish I had that 330 back!

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